Saturday, October 5, 2013

So you spend 40 to 50 hours per week working for someone else because you choose to?

No you don't. You are trapped in a system whereby the natural resources of the world, which are your birthright, are squandered by corporations. You are forced into dependence on a perpetual debt based economy, of which your energy and labour, are used as surety for the creation of a usurious money supply with ever decreasing value. You are but cattle to be used as the real controllers of this world, the money lenders, see fit. The product of your entire life's work is already claimed by your masters before you are even born. You are dumbed down by the "education" system to repeat a State sponsored curriculum instead of being taught how to think for yourself. Your mind is bombarded with propaganda via the news media. You are trained to worship what used to be court jesters, but are now labelled "celebrities." Your life is not your own, and you have been conditioned to such an extent that you are almost completely unaware of your indentured servitude. In fact, you are like a caged animal with the door wide open. You could simply choose to walk out, but you have become so inured, so dependent on the system that enslaves you that freedom seems like a very scary concept to you.

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  1. Lets not forget the social safety blanket. But really, can anyone actually live on a social security check? Maybe under a bridge. So what really scares people about throwing such nonsense in the trash where it belongs?