Sunday, October 6, 2013


Americans are promised a Republican Form of Government, wherein the people directly exercise sovereignty (aka “self government”), and are served - not ruled - by government.
American people have rights and powers, endowed by their Creator.

American citizens have privileges and immunities, bestowed by their government.

Liberty is divided into four types : natural, personal, civil and political.
The former two are endowments, the latter two are government privileges.
★ Natural = absolute freedom (on one's own property or unclaimed land)
★ Personal = right of locomotion (freedom to travel on public roads and waterways)
★ Civil = permission from government (licenses, permits)
★ Political = participation in government (voting, holding office)
Governments in America are instituted for two purposes :
1. Secure rights (of all people), and
2. Govern those who consent (i.e. “Citizens”).
American people who absolutely own their private property and have a domicile, can exercise natural liberty (absolute freedom) over their private property. Outside of their private property, the people can exercise personal liberty (freedom to travel) upon the public roads and waterways. Everywhere else, one needs permission of the owner, lest he trespass.
American citizens enjoy privileges and immunities in exchange for surrendering their rights and powers, in order to exercise civil and political liberty. Citizens are subjects, because they are obligated to perform mandatory civic duties.
Participants in FICA (national socialism) have consented to be “contributors” (equally liable for paying the public debt), and “human resources” (pledged as surety), donors to their own benefits (self taxed), paupers (eligible for charity from the public treasury), and can enjoy the taxable privilege of engaging in usury (the abomination) with worthless notes. No law compels all Americans to participate, nor is there any law that punishes Americans who do not participate. It is 100% voluntary - voluntary servitude.
If one has consented to be a socialist serf, fomenting a slave rebellion is contrary to reason. Withdraw consent first, then verify if servant government is performing to specifications. If not, then consider other options.

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