Friday, October 4, 2013

Copy and paste this to your local police facebook page! EVERYBODY!!!!

By:  Rhonda Ramsey

Well well well officers. Looks like we’ve got some issues here. Thanks to former sheriff’s deputy and Rule of Law Radio Show host Eddie Craig’s 2.5 hour presentation called “Secrets Police Don’t Want You To Know” at the world now knows that:

1. The statement “driving is a privilege, not a right” is only true if the driver in question is a COMMERCIAL driver, and non-commercial drivers have the right to drive with no license, no insurance, no registration, and no license plate on their car whenever they please

2. It is impossible for a non-commercial driver to be engaging in TRANSPORTATION or be DRIVING because the legal definitions (and not the standard English dictionary definitions which are irrelevant) of those two capital words imply that they only relate to COMMERCE. This also means that it is IMPOSSIBLE for a non-commercial driver to be charged with DUI/DWI since the “D” stands for DRIVING (although a non-commercial driver can be charged with non-transportation crimes like negligence, reckless endangerment, and property damage)

3. It is impossible for a non-commercial driver to be OPERATING a VEHICLE because the legal definitions of those two capital terms also imply that they only relate to COMMERCE

4. The fact that TRANSPORTATION is a COMMERCIAL activity means that it is ILLEGAL for law enforcement personnel to pull over, stop at checkpoints, or issue transportation law tickets to non-commercial drivers. Transportation laws only apply to commercial drivers, period!

And personally, I find it disgusting that law enforcement and govt personnel say that they are issuing tickets to non-commercial drivers in order to “keep the roads safe” when in reality this is an outright lie to conceal the fact that the real reason they break the law in this regard is to GENERATE REVENUE. If it had to do with public safety, then they would make you retake the driving test every time your license expired, which they don’t. And besides, having a rectangular piece of plastic in your wallet or a sticker on your car windshield or a metal plate on your car trunk IS NOT gonna make you any more or less safe than not having those things.

You can bet that I’m gonna do my part to make this video spread like wildfire, and I got more than enough free time on my hands to post this message on the facebook pages of all the police departments on planet Earth who have facebook pages. You have nobody to blame but yourselves for this. It’s not my problem that you decided to illegally abuse your authority in this regard, and it wasn’t my idea for Eddie Craig to make this video to expose one of the most despicable scams in history.

Now that I’ve told you this, I trust you guys will start acting like you understand that transportation laws only apply to commercial drivers and won’t act like you don’t. If not, then you deserve to be banned from law enforcement for all eternity! Oh, and Eddie Craig’s transportation stop script, courtroom script, and red light camera letter to avoid paying red light camera tickets can all be found at

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