Saturday, September 14, 2013

What to do when you get pulled over for a trafic ticket.

'Secrets of Private Travel by Automobile, Cops Prefer You Not Know!

The prevailing circumstances for most motorists in America that are created under the aegis of a presumed driving privilege, may only be valid if one is indeed conducting any of the defined activities which "driving" describes, that are in a commercial context. The message here is that driving is a profession, which only involves commercial activities that are being conducted by drivers on the streets and highways of America.

The states' Departments of Motor Vehicles (DMV) require that motorists register their presumably commercial "vehicles" -- but the DMVs have nonetheless said nothing else, due to interests of ill-gotten gain. The DMVs have thus scammed the American public for decades into believing they all need to possess Driver Licenses (DL) and have their automobiles registered with the DMV, in order to pursue everyday interests of private travel by automobile on the streets and highways of America.

'Not giving "legal advice" here, but every American not engaged in vehicular commerce who is learning the truth about the fraud of the DL and automobile registration to conduct mere private travel, will at some point be motivated to detach any existing registration plates, and leave at home any prior issued DL, before traveling in their private automobiles by unalienable right.

However that said, there are a number of things which should be well understood from self-study, which include what things to say (and what not to say), and how to react after being pulled-over by any of the "law enforcement" agencies.

Unfortunately, most law enforcement officers (LEOs) act more like buccaneers on the high seas in seeking whom they may plunder, under the misapplied vehicle codes of any state. Indeed what occurs by those corporate sub-contractor LEOs is criminal on their part, since their primary objective in stopping motorists is not for safety issues, but for revenue generation -- for the courts and for themselves. The LEOs are the legal crooks who unlawfully plunder our society. This mention however is not intended to make a blanket statement that all cops are bad... but simply that the majority of them are that way.

It's recommended that all motorists who are interested in throwing off the yoke of deception and corruption of state imposed restriction on Americans' freedom of travel by automobile (in a non-commercial capacity), begin to view and learn from any number of materials and videos that exist on YouTube (and elsewhere) which talk about the right of highway travel in a non-driving and thus non-commercial context.

The following video is considered to be a good primer for any motorist who needs to build self-confidence against the intimidation of LEOs, the latter of whom presume that everyone behind the wheel of an automobile has to be licensed, and have their automobiles registered. However, nothing could be farther from the truth, and the sooner more Americans learn the real truth about private travel via one's automobile, the happier we collectively can all become.

Learning the weasel words which entrap most clueless motorists into affirming their "driving" status when stopped by LEOs, must be seriously studied -- so as to later teach others, because this scam (that's existed for decades) has to end -- and only we the responsible people of America can make that happen... one motorist at a time. The following video is highly recommended, because Eddie Craig identifies the do's and don'ts of communication with LEOs, and his advice is correct.
Secrets Police Don't Want You To Know

Eddie Craig gives a detailed lecture on the circumstances of motorists who encounter LEOs, and on what terms need to be avoided so as not to be implicated in "driving" or commercial trafficking. Stop the video if notes are needed to be made... 'recommended. Bookmark the video for later review, since there's a ton of information on the video, not necessarily for all motorists. Laws and codes cited are for Texas.

Driving is a Profession. Don't drive... unless you are in business to carry paying passengers, or you are hauling goods under contract for another, and you are to be compensated per commercial agreement.

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