Saturday, September 14, 2013

Banking Fraud & Ponzi Scheme

The Banking Fraud & Ponzi Scheme was slightly exposed the other day on New Zealand Television where a short exposē into where money is created has opened a small but ever so growing can of worms.
Kiwis from all over New Zealand have gone into their Banks and asked some interesting questions that arose through this short morning TV news piece from TVNZ which explained that the Banks create money ‘out of thin air’, which you then spend the rest of eternity paying off at interest.
Nice to see this slowly making it’s way into mainstream media. Even if it was on early in the morning where most debtors are at work, and the unemployed asleep, there was still a lot of people who saw this and shared the information.
Money is created ‘out of thin air’. Banks have been scamming the people for many years and a few of us are fighting back.

The Banking Cartels of this World, the financial ‘movers and shakers’ have pirated the very wealth of society and have been gambling our very existence in the form of Bonds and Derivatives. Our mortgage agreements are sold on the debt exchange meaning the Banks are most likely no longer the ‘holder in due course’. What does that mean to the customer? What does that mean to the Bank if you the customer know this? 
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