Saturday, September 14, 2013


Surety is attached through the family name, if you are using it, what you are doing is claiming to be an individual who is part of a group which makes you surety. Your christian or given name is who you are and how you are known. Example I am Bob Canadian, or Christopher Plumber, John Robertson, all of these serve to attach surety to you, first as a Canadian, second as a plumber, third for Robert the father.

You are identifying yourself with a group. If and when you do this you are accepting the sins of the group unto yourself. Think of it this way, if your family name was Bob Hitler, you would not have much credit / credibility in the Jewish community and therefore few would accept you as surety. But if your name was simply Bob then your respect would have to come from the peoples experience with you as you built up credit within the community. this would be your reputation based on you and not based on your person.

Canadians used to have a good reputation in the world as peace keepers, and we could travel the world with a maple leaf on us and be spared much hardship from foreigners in the lands we traveled. Now Canadians reputation is shot as we are seen as the lap dogs of the American president.

think of those fine people to the south of Canada they are now viewed as a group called Americans, they were taught to be proud so they accept that name with pride. But now what the president has and is doing is reflected on them as a whole and they must hide that fact when traveling on foreign soil or be held accountable by the people of that land for the actions of their government. in this they become surety for the name American. Yet we know for a fact most people who live south of us are not this evil image totalitarian creature hell bent on destruction and control. They are normal people just like us who love and and bleed just like any other. THIS IS WHAT IT MEANS TO BE SURETY AND HOW IT WORKS.

Is this starting to make any sense to you?

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