Thursday, September 5, 2013

Liberty Smith on Freedom.

Freedom is the ability to do as you like without permission or restriction, so long your actions cause no harm. Most people think they are free because they are allowed to choose a master (voting), who in turn gets to decide which of their victimless actions are allowed and which are to be punished. Restricted permission from a third party is not freedom, it is slavery with conditions. Free people do not need permission to engage in acts that violate no other. We have now reached a point where breaking the "law" has been converted from criminal harm to disobeying ones master.
We are trapped by the collective apathy of the majority who have abandoned responsibility for their own actions. Those with the maturity to stand by their convictions are encumbered by the arbitrary legislation manifest by mass negligence. Thus, we are ruled by the values of the lowest common denominator to the exclusion of the freedom that is our natural state.
The state cannot grant a license to commit a crime, such as a license to rape or steal. Therefore any act that is licensed is already lawful without it. What a license is, is permission from master to slave to engage in a perfectly lawful act with added limitations set by the state.

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