Monday, September 16, 2013

“It’s the usury, stupid!” — Understanding the Modern Money Con

Posted on by James Farganne

Offspectrum with James Farganne
As I was in New York City on 9-11-01, lived through the trauma of that event and its aftermath, and later learned that it was perpetrated by Mossad in tandem with a domestic bunch of zionist dickhead traitorous scumbags (Cheney et. al.), I would like to commemorate the 12th anniversary of that event by dealing the elite money power – which plans, funds, and executes all such false-flag, black magic events – a good, hard kick in the nuts.  
Let me begin with a disclaimer. Though I studied philosophy and classics, and am quite able to deal with subtleties where they count, when it comes to politics, or finance, or any other area of human activity that is rife with dishonesty and corruption, I am extremely simple in my approach. This is because I have found simplicity to be a valuable tool – a samurai sword that cuts straight through the knot of confusion that inevitably arises from systematic dishonesty, legalistic chicanery, and institutional perversion.
Simplicity, or common sense, or seeing your nose in front of your face, or calling a spade a spade, and not giving a rat’s ass who tries to talk you out of it with fancy language, is an inborn faculty that is stunted and discouraged in the process of “higher education”. Exercising it can save you a lot of time and mental energy otherwise wasted dealing in arcane systems of false logic designed only to obfuscate crime, to justify fraud, and to make criminals seem like legitimate members of a free and functioning society (not).
That said, if you read this thing all the way through, please don’t bother writing to me arguing about the finer points of whatever complex reality-model you have chosen. In this article I am just going to use that samurai sword to cut to the black, putrescent heart of the matter, and I don’t care if there are a few factual casualties along the way. My point will stand.
I am going to talk about money. I am not an economist, not even an armchair one. I don’t bother with long, arduous diatribes about fiscal matters. I don’t care about all the complicated lingo, nor am I intimidated by people who brandish it. As far as I am concerned, it is primarily a lexicon of misdirection. Austrian economics doesn’t fool me for a minute. Libertarians can get bent. Goldbugs I can understand, but sometimes they just fill me with contempt. Gold can serve as a stopgap to save your ass and get it through yet another financial catastrophe engineered by the global money power. Having your stash of gold does nothing to fix a monetary system in which insecurity and angst are so endemic that you feel the need to hoard it in the first place. Your stash does nothing to make the world a better place for posterity. You can’t eat gold, much less paper, so who cares if there’s gold behind the paper? Well, the very rich do. Gold has always been the King’s metal, and it always will. It seems obvious to me that any system favored by the congenitally wealthy is going to be anathema for us commoners. Money is created and controlled by vampires and rapists. They love gold more than anybody. They are about as evil as people can get, so I don’t see anything positive coming from them.

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