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Sui Juris Law on Facebook.

I decided to steal the whole thread to share it here. Sui Juris Law is a Law page on Facebook I learn from. There is so much information on this page on a daily basis, it sometimes makes my head spin. If you would like to join the group, contact me on Fb and I'll add you to it. It is a private group. Some sharp cookies in the group to learn from.

You ASSUME you own property with "legal title", but have you ever looked the term up in a law dictionary?

Legal title "carries NO BENEFICIAL INTEREST IN THE PROPERTY, another person being entitled thereto... the antithesis of "equitable title.""

EQUITABLE OWNER ~ One who is recognized in equity as owner of the property, BECAUSE REAL AND BENEFICIAL USE AND TITLE BELONG TO HIM, even though bare LEGAL TITLE is invested in another.

The title to your car doesn't say "equitable title" does it? According to the definition, "real and benefical use and title" belong to another.

HOMEWORK: Write the DMV with your info (if you registered your car) and ask them who has equitable title/interest in "your" car.
  • Rick Carne State owns everything, has usufructuary rights to property owned by the state...when you registered it you transferred the equitable title to the State...just as lawful money is equitable title to Labor-credit asset

  • Rob Johnson Allodial ownership is the ONLY way to own property. ALL property, regardless of what form it takes, UNTIL you REGISTER it, is owned in allodium inherently. A banana for example. You buy a banana you own it it is yours to dispose of as you see fit. You may give it away, eat it, whatever. This is true regardless what form a property takes. The ONLY difference for example between a bicycle and a car IS THE REGISTRATION. And CERTIFICATE of TITLE is clearly NOT TITLE, not evidence YOU own the property, evidence the STATE owns it. Your license plate is a tax ID# for having pad the registration fee. Plates, registration, inspection, even license, are just items that merely impart to police officers that this is NOT privately owned property. It is similar to a public private partnership, but more akin to salvage in maritime admiralty. You ABANDON what you register. The beauty is in the truth. If YOU can sign something over to the state, you MUST first possess the lawful authority to do so. You MUST have any power you can give by transference.

    To be continued. This was a thread that was just posted a few minutes ago, so only two relevant comments so far. I may come back later and add others to this post. 

    More comments from the post. If you want to see the rest, I suggest you contact me and join the group. Unedited.
  • Ashley Nicole King I've been trying for three years to get a copy of my car's "certificate of title", and so far the state hasn't responded to that. I can't imagine trying to get more detailed information from them.
  • Blue Collar Moto I'm stealing this whole thread for the blog.
  • Rob Johnson Ashley, do you mean the manufacturere's certificate of origin, or certifiate of title, because you cannot even register a car without certificate of title you MUSt possess it.
  • Ashley Nicole King I had the title, but a former roommate threw out a lot of my stuff, and I can only surmise that my title was with that. So I've applied for duplicates through the standards means for such. But I do receive the registration paperwork by mail every year, so I'm able to renew the tags.
  • Rob Johnson If the State will not return to you the MSO/MCO, all you have to do is an affidavit declaring allodial ownership. You can use this as a template,
  • Ashley Nicole King Sweet! Thanks!
  • Rob Johnson Of course, this is what I do
  • Rob Johnson One of the reasons my members are so loyal. I go out of my way to help everyone whether or not there is anything in it for me
  • Ashley Nicole King I guess membership really does have its re.... wait, what am I a member of?
  • Glitch Johnson Please share that Blue Collar Moto. WOOT!
  • Jared Dalen Rob, sn't the Bill of Sale considered the allodial title of the property? Also, specified in the bill of sale, if you pay $20 silver dollars of substance would that not make it stronger?
  • BJ Raw I read this the totally opposite way. When you register, the state has legal title to it. AND NO REAL INTEREST. I have equitable title, I retain all ownership, they simply maintain a legal title register of such events.
  • Rob Johnson Be my guest Blue, everyone is welcome to steal/share anything I post and anything in this group. I appreciate credit being given like Cory Williamson did when quoting me.
  • Blue Collar Moto Always credit given Rob. Also a shout out for the page, which turns out to a shout out for your book. I try to do that at least once per week on the blog.
  • Rob Johnson BJ if it were the case that registration was simply a recording of events, I would not oppose it so the way I do. Equitable title, is evidence of maritime admiralty registration. Any time you are speaking of EQUITY you are talking about a privilege in ...See More
  • Rob Johnson Excellent Blue, way above and beyond the call of duty, noble honorable and admirable, the finest qualities of the human experience, in abundance within this group.
  • Jared Dalen BJ, if that was true, why do you then pay registration fees and are subject to arbitrary rules if you have equitable interest in the property?
  • Jared Dalen Here is a short article I wrote the other day. Would love to hear some feedback.


    Ok people, how many of you out there in own a car? What if I told you you don't actually own your car??? You may say, "but I have legal ti
    ...See More
  • BJ Raw I'd like to see the state prove in court that they own my car
  • Rob Johnson Well, you see they both CAN, and CANNOT. The registration contract you signed by your wet ink signature is the evidence that they own the property. However, because this contract has intentionally, deliberately, and through constructive fraud obfuscate...See More
  • Jared Dalen Well, if you registered it with the state, you are the grantor of a trust agreement that split the title into two, legal and equitable title. You are now the trustee and the state is the beneficiary.

    Senate Document # 43; SENATE RESOLUTION NO. 62 (Pg
    ...See More
  • Michael Lamb II THEY can really care less about "proving anything in their courts". THEY are getting their revenue every year by willing participants.

    As soon as you cut off that "money gravy train", then you will see some kind of response.
  • Rob Johnson Different way of saying the same thing almost entirely on point. The only difference in my articulation is the inherent void nature of the states claims to ownership
  • BJ Raw Without them ever proving that they own it in court, I'm left to only think that this is all opinion. As soon as I state that I own it and ask them to prove the opposite, they have no case. If they owned it how would that ownership crumble so easy at the simplest of challenges?

    I am the moon. Until you ask me to prove it. Then I am not the moon. Was I really the moon before you challenged me on the issue?
  • Jared Dalen Rob does make an excellent point, it is based on a constructive fraud. But unless you rebut the presumption, it stands.
  • Michael Lamb II Bingo! Give Jared a prize!
  • Michael Lamb II The RAW Truth that we each have inherent Rights is really irrelevant if we do NOT claim and defend those Rights.
  • Rob Johnson you are exactly correct. The only reason they can force you to pay fines with respect to the violation of certain terms and conditions of the registration contract, which IS the motor vwhicle code, NOT LAW, but statute, IS by assumptions and PRESUMPTI...See More

  • Michael Lamb II You can inherently talk, but no one will know that you can talk, until you OPEN your mouth.

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