Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Cops trying to tell you what you can and can't do on your own property?

Jerry Garcia, a Sugar Creek, MO police employee, has demanded of Toni Bones, who's active with MO/KS Cop Block, that she remove the planters on her property. Toni's response: "I don't want my kids to see me back down and not follow my heart."

Toni is ordered to appear in legal land on July 9th. Yet in this interview recorded yesterday, it's reported that Sugar Creek PD "chief" Soule says Bones hasn't violated any citation. Why then, is this charade still ongoing? Feel free to call Garcia or Soule to inquire!

Sugar Creek MO PD


MORE: http://CopBlock.org/Toni

- Pete Eyre

It's not a lawful issue. It's only a matter of legality. So long as she is a tenant on the land, they can tell her what she can and can't do with it. Look at a land deed, and read where you are only a tenant, even if you have payed off the bank loan. This is also why you pay property tax! It's friggin rent!

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