Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Concerning ALL Actions Originating From LEGAL ENTITIES

By: ZJ Free

Concerning ALL Actions Originating From LEGAL ENTITIES

Keep this in mind: In ALL actions originating from an agency or agent within the LEGAL SOCIETY pertains EXCLUSIVELY to the LEGAL PERSON, never the Living Man. 'They' have absolutely NO AUTHORITY to act against other than a FICTION of 'their' creation.

In all correspondence addressing receipt of a document make it perfectly clear that it was received by a Living Man, NOT a LEGAL PERSON. Make them aware that if 'they' desire your presence in 'their' venue, you will activate your fee schedule which calls for a fee of $5,000.00 per day, or any fraction of a day to accommodate 'their' desire. State that you will be waiting for further instructions and 'their' agreement of your Fee Schedule, otherwise you will conclude the issue to be resolved.

This type of Notice does not require the follow up of default notices as the others do. This places the ball squarely in their court for further play.

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