Wednesday, July 3, 2013


1. I'm no hippie. [despite my long hair and beard]
2. I'm not an Anarchist. [despite my belief in self rule] (a)
3. I'm not against government. (b)
4. I am not against law. To the contrary. I am 100% for law and order. (c)
5. I am against any violent uprising calling itself a revolution or anything else. (d)
6. I believe a violent uprising is in our future. The cause of such an uprising is not as irrelevant as I would like to believe, due to my belief in it's inevitability. You can't fix stupid. (d)
7. To be continued.

a) I've been a Republican most of my life! Not any more. Both party's are the same part of the corruption that is the "Machine" or "The Man.". Just different wings of the same shit bird. you can't change any of them from the inside. The Machine will not ever cut off it's nose to spite it's face. If you choose to go down that path, you will only become a part of the same machine you wish to destroy.

b) There will always be a need for government. Aside from international commerce, and the need to defend and protect rights of the People (b-2), there will always be those who wish to be governed. Those people who do not wish to take on personal responsibility for themselves, and be sovereign in their own right.
b-2) People. As in "The People." Not the same thing as citizens. I could add the Blacks Law Dictionary definition here, but it's best for you to look it up for yourselves. See the law dictionary links on the side bar. Also look up "citizens." While I'm at it, join Facebook, and subscribe to: Jeff knows is shit, and you may not like much of what he has to say at first, but you would be ignorant to dismiss ANY of it without doing your own fact finding. The truth hurts at first when you have been told lies your whole life. We all help each other out when we try to learn the truth.

c) I could write a book on this subject, but my friend already has. And a lot of what I know has come from him on how to fight the cops before and in court. I also recommend this video series from Eddie on how to talk to cops.

d) Violent revolution, as history has shown us, when the revolt has no concept of what they are revolting against, and no understanding of real law, has always been a failure. Just look at all the Mexican revolutions for an example. The founding fathers of the compact corporation known as the United States, knew what they were doing. I could just as easily write a book on this subject as well, but someone has beat me to it. I agree with what he's saying, but recognize that it's one status and not for all. If personal sovereignty is your goal, then I still recommend learning what he has to say. When you can listen to one of his recordings, and understand all that he's saying, your about ready to start being your own man. Forming your own compact is a whole nother subject, but that is what he teaches. It's my belief that it is not necessary to form one's own compact, but it may be a goal of mine in the future.
I also recommend [again] signing up for facebook and Jeff's page:

It's about midnight, and I'm tired. I know, any English or writing major will say, not to say that, but it's the truth. Otherwise this post would be a lot longer. More in the future. This IS what this blog is about. Sharing truth, and helping each other out.

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