Friday, July 26, 2013

Jeff hit the ball out of the park with this one!

According to AMERICAN LAW, starting with the Declaration of Independence from Great Britain, governments are instituted among men to :


If one has not consented, government is only authorized to help secure rights - as in prosecute deliberate injury and adjudicate accidental injury - and NOTHING MORE.

No taxes on rights, on private property, on liberties (natural and personal), nor any restrictions on one's absolute power over one's domain.

That is the lost birthright of EVERY American.

Also known as the "Republican form of government" wherein the people are sovereigns, directly exercise that sovereignty (over their private property) and are served - not ruled - by government instituted to secure rights.

To this day, the courts remind us of that distinction when they use references to "The People" - not - "The Citizens."

The citizens serve the government, which, in turn, serves the people.
THAT is what we've been trained to forget.

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