Monday, February 10, 2014

Look the guy in the black dress in the eye and say

Look the guy in the black dress in the eye and say:

I am here by special appearance Sui Juris [1], and refuse to stand under Coram non judice [2]. I have waived all benefits and privileges, and stand on my rights, and there is no Assentio mentium [3] in these proceedings and Invito beneficium non datur [4].
Now, if you don't understand [5] what I just said on and for the record, I will give you a minute to retire to your law library now to go look up the meaning of the law I just spoke. If you do not understand what I have just said, then this is a simple court of equity and not a court of law, and I hereby dismiss all charges against me due to Invito beneficium non datur, and I do not grant you my consent. Good day.

1. Sui Juris - By ones own right.
2. Coram non judice - Before one who is not a judge.
3. Assentio mentium - The meeting of minds, i.e. mutual assent. NOTE: Mutual consent.
4. Invito beneficium non datur - A benefit is not conferred upon one against his consent.
5. Understand - To stand under anthers authority, or the authority of law, or statutes, acts, or codes by ones own consent.

If there is any discrepancy in the modern legal (legalese) words and phrases found in such publications as Blacks law (legal) dictionary, the Latin is with out question the superior definition of the lawful meaning of the words and should be used in court to get your point 'dead eye' across to the equity administers. A useful list of Latin phrases used in law is located at the bottom of this page.

ALSO~ If your status is citizen, don't even think about using anything like this. They will fry you alive. You can not stand on rights you have given away by consent in exchange for privileges.

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